Midatlantic Minerals


Silica & Quartz

QUARTZ is a mineral compound formed of atoms of silicon and oxygen (SiO2).
Its chemical composition is 45.7% Si and 53.3% O.
Traces of Al, Na, Fe, Ca, Mn, Li, Cu, Cr and Ti are found, among others.
Melting point: 1775o C;
Density: 2.65g/cm3;
Soluble only in hydrofluoric acid at atmospheric pressure and temperature;
Low expansion coefficient and poor conductor of electricity.
Si and O, elements which are widely present on the earth’s crust, lead to the formation of quartz deposits almost all over the planet.
However only a few of these deposits are economically viable and have the necessary characteristics for distinct applications.
Midatlantic work closely with a few of these deposits and can supply SiO2 as high as 99,94%. .
In 2009 Midatlantic transformed their plant to be able to produce quartz destined for the Engineered Counter Top manufacturer. The plant can produce multiple sizes simultaneously will fine tuning ratios to the customer needs. Midatlantic work closely with local quarries but due the plant being on the water in the Port of Quebec, Midatlantic can easily source any quartz worldwide and transport the quartz to it plant by water which is the most economically means of transport.
We can supply your needs and at present we supply manufacturers of:  Natural quartz countertops, Exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS), and Glass.

Chemical properties    

SiO2 99,8 %
Al2O3 143 ppm
CaO 232 ppm
Cr2O3 3,6 ppm
Fe2O3 200 ppm
K2O 10 ppm
MgO    34 ppm
Na2O 12 ppm
TiO2 9 ppm
LOI  0,13 %

Granulometric properties

Our plant is fully automated. The gradation of the Quartz can be adjusted very fast based on our customer needs. Complete size analysis are taken and compiled constantly to make sure we respect our customer specifications for the final product.