Midatlantic Minerals



Since our plant inauguration in 1999, to process the products to customer specification, Midatlantic Mineralas constructed a drying, screening and crushing plant at the Port of Quebec in Quebec City. The products is received by belt conveyor self-unloading bulk carriers, stockpiled and then processed through the plant. The finished material is currently being trucked out to customers, however the geographical location of our plant in the Port of Quebec, would also allow us to send and receive aggregates by rail, road or marine.

Our main operations are drying, screening and crushing Dolomite and Limestone. The plant's capacity is unlimited and we operate year round.

The Dolomite, Limestone, Silica and Quartz transformation and our commercialization are characterized by our consistency in answering our specific customer needs. In fact, the size, colour and the chemical consistency, the low ferrous oxide and other impurities are the main characteristics of the aggregates from Midatlantic Minerals.

Several types of industrial markets use these types of aggregates. Our expertise allows us to give a quality product according to the requirements of our customers. Our plant location, and our process flexibility allow our customers to have access to high quality Dolomite, Limestone, Silica and Quartz at very competitive prices.